What “twerp” (possibly a “dweeb”?) came up with these words, “blog”, “tweet”, “twitter”? Like, verbal slog-along  (hop, schlepp, etc.), stuck in a bog of self-generated talk (like this!).

What is there about “grog(gy) and fog(gy) and their sound-alikes that  generates OG-ness?

Thence and hence, this is not a “blog”, it is a statement,  not a joke. Like that French word, blague.  Joke! And blah and blah.

This could turn into a swamp of associations.

Let us now declare our independence. Yes, I repeat, WE are a STATEMENT here!

Expanding the scope, now, why are any of us here in “self-expressive” mode? Is this a cult of “self”ness, or are we going to generate a sweeping collectivity?

Do you fathom that, get its implications?

How shall  we sweep away the old crud of ego and property, and come alive as in renew what we all do?

How shall we clean out the contaminated cultural earwax that the KOCHLEAR IMPLANTS are dinning  into our collective social awareness?

Forget the “earwax”, how are we going to tear the implants themselves out?

You’re right on if you think I’m evoking the old Internationale. 

But, hey, I will admit that this is turning into one big run-on sort of rant. Not to put myself down, or negate the general drift, or obliterate the original rhetorical question about “bloggery” (as in committing “bloggery” – and this is a new twist, late in the game of this in-the-moment writing).

Priests and such invoke bless every so often, or near the end of their holy blurt. And so, I here now invoke the pause that refreshes (and that’s not Koch).

See ‘ya soon, folks (fochs?)